Get the facts around Lead Nurturing


“Lead Nurturing” sometimes goes by other names: marketing automation, drip marketing, auto-responders, etc. Simply put, lead nurturing is a system that allows you to send an automated series of emails to an early-stage lead in order to pre-qualify them.

Gleanster Research estimates that 50% of leads who are qualified to buy are not ready to purchase immediately. If you call these leads up and push them into making a decision right away, you will likely lose them.

Lead nurturing is all about understanding the nuances of your buyers' timing and needs.

Download this 82-page ebook and see the value of lead nurturing:

  • Why lead nurturing
  • Benefits of lead nurturing
  • 5 steps to setting up a lead nurturing campaign
  • Types of lead nurturing campaigns
  • How to optimize your lead nurturing campaigns
  • How to measure results of lead nurturing campaigns

Leading B2B marketers are leveraging lead nurturing. This ebook will help you understand the basics and get started.