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5 Industrial Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Oct 31, 2017 8:44:07 PM

Maintaining brand presence online is something that some companies tend to push to the background to just let it ride until there’s more time to devote to it. Unfortunately, “more time” never seems to materialize yet businesses maintain their “set it and forget it” mentality about their industrial marketing initiatives. Brands are dynamic entities and need to be nurtured and presented as current to stay ahead of competitive activity as well as delight customers with innovation.


We’ve identified 5 industrial marketing mistakes you could be making right now. But, don’t despair. They’re easy fixes and working new habits into your regular regimen will yield markedly improved results.

1. Your Website isn’t Mobile Responsive. Let’s face it. We’re all on the go, working, traveling, shopping, exercising and even doing research for industrial business decisions, and a lot of it happens on smartphones. According to a study completed by comScore, mobile now accounts for almost 70% of digital media time. And, let’s face it, Google is kinder to mobile-friendly sites when creating mobile search rankings. [Read more on Mobile Responsive Websites]

2. Your Website isn’t Functional for Customer Use. Most businesses invest heavily in their brand imagery and messaging and that’s great. However, what’s not so great is getting caught up in designing a website for internal stakeholders instead of making sure the site is functional for customers and prospects. Is it easy for them to find product information and get support? If you have an ecommerce function, is it working properly? And can they quickly see a way to contact you? Keeping these basics in mind will make your site ripe with a strong brand story as well as make good business sense. [Read more on Website User Experience]

3. Ignoring Analytics and Metrics. We’re back to that “set it and forget it” thing. Managing digital campaigns means monitoring activity so that you know what’s working or not and gives you the opportunity to course correct if necessary. This doesn’t mean that you have to check activity every hour but do stay on top of it so that you won’t miss opportunities. Website conversions, goals, visits, and other metrics are created to help drive real business results. Use them and run smarter campaigns. [Read more on Industrial Marketing Metrics]

4. Implementing too Many Trends. Of course you want to be current and provide the perception that you’re on top of your game and an industry leader. But don’t get caught up in implementing every new trend that comes along. Always think about how introducing a new trend or tactic will impact your strategy and customers. Some things will be natural fits for your overall brand or specific campaigns, but just use some judgment before starting something that may work against what you’re trying to accomplish. [Read more on Technology Selection]

5. Plan, Plan and then Plan Some More. This should probably be at the top of the list because you shouldn’t start any marketing initiative, campaign, or program without some considerable strategic and tactical thinking. The thing is, though, you should never be done with planning. Every aspect of a campaign is subject to revision based on results, budget updates, marketplace events, etc. Just know that planning a good foundation is critical and expect to make adjustments as you go along. [Read more on Industrial Marketing Strategy]

You’re savvy enough to know that marketing is a mercurial art and just like creating any type of art, there will be some trial and error. However, unlike other art forms, marketing guidelines help keep you focused so that you can do what the business needs. And if you avoid some common marketing mistakes, you’ll just be that much further ahead.

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