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5 Reasons B2B Email Marketing Is Not a Dead Sales and Marketing Strategy

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Nov 17, 2015 1:09:50 PM

The rise of new channels and tactics for internet marketing should certainly change the way businesses operate, but don’t rush too fast—old staples such as email marketing can still compete for lead generation in the B2B sphere, right alongside your new inbound marketing and social marketing strategies. Not convinced that the old dog still has a few tricks left in it? Consider these five simple reasons a B2B email marketing and sales strategy campaign can still deliver valuable lead generation for your business.

1. New ways to manage communications. The rise of advanced CRM and marketing automation software means it’s now easier to track and tweak your communications with prospects via email and other avenues—meaning the profitability and lead generation potential of email marketing is up from years gone by. Used properly, such tool can improve your response rate and your efficiency in targeting high-value leads exponentially over what you’d get with older software, or no software at all.

2. Improved response rates thanks to segmentation. Marketing has always been one part science, one part art, but advances in how we gather and view data has given the scientific side a huge boost in recent years. Used correctly, market segmentation courtesy of the new data we have available can turn lackluster B2B email marketing into a highly efficient system; where once the ROI on highly tailored B2B email marketing may have been lackluster, thorough segmentation can achieve that highly tailored response rate without requiring nearly as much customization on a per-prospect basis.

3. Social vetting. The rise of social vetting, obtaining personal and professional data from LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., has breathed new life into B2B email marketing and sales strategies. Even cold contact can provide effective lead generation for marketers willing to dig deep into their prospects’ social media profiles and develop insightful, personalized approaches. Cold B2B email marketing doesn’t have to be a last-ditch effort, a low-ROI shot in the dark for desperate businesses; modern marketers can make it a powerful, effective weapon for lead generation.

4. Slower adoption of new approaches in B2B. It’s worth remembering that techniques which work well for consumer marketing don’t always translate well to certain B2B industries, especially those dominated by an older crowd. While every business owner and decision maker no doubt utilizes email to some degree, there are many that won’t be on social media reading your tweets and liking your updates; they won’t be Googling the industry and looking for blogs to read. For these groups, the classic approach is still your best bet for lead generation.

5. The power of follow-ups. Even with all the other sales and marketing strategies available for internet campaigns in today's world, even with target demographics which respond enthusiastically to inbound marketing, social outreach, PPC, etc., there is still a place for email in lead generation: the follow up. So many marketers forget the final stage of the buying process, the remorse stage, and in forgetting to follow up with their customers they lose potential repeat business and positive word of mouth. Utilize email to keep your buyers enthusiastic after they buy, and your B2B efforts will thrive.

There you have it—five reasons to keep your B2B email campaigns alive in your sales and marketing strategy. While there are certainly a lot of new exciting ways to go about lead generation, those new ways don’t have to replace what already works; use the new cleverly alongside the old, and you’ll achieve results beyond what either could achieve in isolation. Inbound marketing grabs one set of high value prospects, social marketing another; don’t let the email marketing prospects slip past you, just because the technique is a bit older.

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