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7 Deadly B2B Sales Lead Generation Mistakes

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Jul 27, 2015, 7:49:00 PM

B2B lead generation is difficult enough, and it is made even more so if you use the wrong tactics. You may be making B2B sales lead generation mistakes that are causing your lead generation program to be ineffective. For example, your sales and marketing teams may not be on the same page or your website may not be optimized for the modern marketplace. Below are seven of the most serious B2B lead sales generation mistakes along with solutions:

7 lead generation mistakes
  1. You Lack a Content Strategy
    If you have no content strategy, you have a problem. Effective content marketers have content strategies. It should cover your target audience, your goals and the actions that you will take to achieve them. It will also include your means for measuring results.

    The Solution
    Formulate a strategy before starting your B2B lead sales generation program. Appoint a leader for your content strategy and define your audience with buyer personas while also establishing clear lead generation objectives.
  2. Your Sales and Marketing Teams are Not in Agreement
    Most B2B leads are not ready for sales. If your marketing team cannot identify sales-ready leads, they will waste your sales team's time. Your sales and marketing team should have the same definition of a sales-ready lead based on knowledge of your customers.

    The Solution
    Develop a process for scoring leads based on brand interactions and demographics. The lead-scoring process should assign values to each lead and their likelihood of buying.
  3. You Are Not Paying Attention to Social Media
    Not every social media platform is effective for B2B, but you should still have a social media presence. Understanding the platforms that speak to prospects and customers may help with intelligence gathering and forming connections.

    The Solution
    Social media strategy will vary depending on industry and verticals. Come up with a suitable strategy on the platform with the most relevance to your business and figure out how to measure ROI.
  4. Your Measurement Techniques are Basic
    You need more sophisticated techniques to learn how campaigns impact revenue. You will need an approach to measuring marketing efforts that goes beyond click-through rates and email opens.

    The Solution
    Closed-loop reporting can allow you to track the whole process from end-to-end.
  5. You Are Not Paying Attention to Mobile
    The popularity of smartphones means that your emails and website must be mobile-friendly. A Google mobile experience survey found that most people (74 percent) said that they are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites. Without responsive design, you lose returning users.

    The Solution
    Design your website to create the best possible user experience for all devices, not just to make it pretty. Having a responsive site and emails is a big part of this.
  6. You Are Not Using Customer-Focused Tactics
    Marketing that lacks personalization can push customers away. Push marketing has a lack of personalization, while pull marketing offers it. While push marketing casts a wider net, it may not catch the right type of buyers.

    The Solution
    You want to be easily found by those who need your products or services, which is what pull marketing is all about. Knowing where your audience is in the purchasing cycle and what content they will find appealing is an essential for an effective pull marketing strategy.
  7. Your Channel or Platform is Wrong
    Using every social media platform is one of the serious B2B lead sales generation mistakes, just like ignoring social media altogether. Consider the fact that LinkedIn is considered the most effective B2B social media platform while Google+ is considered the considered the least effective.

    The Solution
    Look for the sites where your customers gather. You may find out that they are assembling on a lesser-known site. 

If your organization is faced with the many challenges of B2B lead sales generation, lets talk.  We can help you develop a strategy that integrates proven tactics and tools that generate results.

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