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Considering B2B Marketing Automation?6 Ways It Can Help YOU!

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Aug 31, 2015, 10:24:12 PM

Considering B2B marketing automation solutions, but not yet sold on them? It can be difficult to look at these tools in a vacuum and determine whether they might serve a worthwhile position in your growth strategy—but despite this lack of immediate obvious benefit, there are a host of reasons to take advantage of the growing number of marketing tools available. Today, we’re going to cover six of those reasons, six ways marketing automation can help YOUR business, no matter what you’re selling or how.

1. Improve Efficiency. If you put a B2B marketing automation solution in the hands of a lazy, borderline incompetent marketing team or marketer, you’re not going to see much of a result. But when you give your best and brightest the tools they need to streamline their process—to turn repetitive manual tasks into digital ones, to cut their wasted hours to nothing—you reap outsized benefits. Some of your employees may lag in adopting the new solutions available, but you’ll see near-immediate benefits from your eager adopters, as they seize the opportunity to increase their output while reducing their workload.

2. Better Segmentation. Proper segmentation of your prospects and customers plays a vital role in effective marketing, but it can be a major time consumer—especially in industries where segments aren’t as readily obvious. Marketing automation can quickly spot more subtle groups in your customers AND will make it trivial to develop and distribute segment-appropriate information to those prospects and customers. If you have any interest in leveraging the potential of thorough segmentation, automation is all but mandatory.

3. Consistency of Output. When you can schedule Tweets, blog posts, updates in advance, see how you’ve been communicating in different mediums, and quickly blast out content to all of those avenues, you’ll find it much easier to maintain consistency in your output—something your target audience will appreciate and respond to. Regular attention keeps prospects and customers happy, and automation makes regularity trivial.

4. Easy Data Collection. B2B marketing has become increasingly an escalating arms race to collect the most data and parse it the most effectively—and marketing automation is crucial to creating effective prospect-content interactions which are easily monitored and scored for insight. By filtering marketing efforts through automation software, your team generates a footprint you can analyze for weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities.

5. Broadening Campaign Reach. Marketing automation also benefits companies looking to spread their content to a wider audience by making the drudgery of posting the same content in slightly different formats—a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus—into a single push-button task. Avenues of communication which might not have been worth pursuing independently can add up quickly when engaging them takes minimal effort. Why leave potential customers in the cold, when marketing automation could bring them onboard?

6. Smart Lead Development. Developing your leads is as much science as art, but it can be difficult to sort leads by quality, reach out to them with the right materials at the right times, follow up when they go quiet, and toss them new opportunities as you offer different products, services, and deals. But marketing automation makes it easy, by putting the data you need in front of you, prompting you to make contact at the right times, reminding you of how different moves have played out with each segment. The best marketers do all of this naturally—marketing automation makes it easier to implement best practices across all segments of your marketing strategy.

Ultimately, it's an easy decision to make: wait for your competitors to improve efficiency and get ahead of you, or go ahead and take the time to implement automation now, while you can.

For more information on whether or not a B2B marketing automation solution is the right fit for your business, schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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