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Building Your Brand Story - Content that Informs and Builds Trust

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Aug 31, 2017 10:03:47 AM

Who doesn’t love a great story? If the concept of binge watching favorite television shows and movies is any indicator, most of us have a weakness for stories well told. We all have a need to communicate and share, to let the world know about us as well as learning about others who interest us.

The media may be different today, but who can say that cave paintings weren’t the world’s first infographics? They succinctly shared a (presumably) relevant story with a targeted audience for the purpose of information management. The same could—and should—be said of your brand story and other content you share via your inbound marketing tactics.


Customers engage with people and companies they trust to share helpful and relevant information

Prospects and customers are looking for solutions that will solve their pain points so it’s critical to talk about how your products and services help solve their problems. But they also want to know who you are as a company. What does your business stand for? Are you someone they want to align with for a long term professional relationship? If that part of your message isn’t coming through, you should consider pausing to evaluate how you can integrate it into your overall messaging.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it

And before you start to push back that industrial marketing is no place for soul-baring stories, we just ask that you bear with us for a moment. What we’re talking about is getting to the “why” of what you do in your marketing messaging. Marketing consultant and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, broke the storytelling mold when he launched his Golden Circle concept of what should drive your brand’s narrative.

Sinek believes that people don’t buy what your company does, they buy why you do it. It’s your passion and purpose that will sway people to buy from you and that drive needs to come through in your messaging.

Finding the passion in your industrial business

But how can that passion translate into digital conversations for industrial businesses? Look at GE. Their current message platform is “GE Reports.” Obviously their products are beautiful machinations of metal, turbines, locomotives, wind power, chemicals, electron beams and more. But do they lead with those tangibles? No. They want you to know that imagination drives everything they do. Probably not what you would expect from an industrial behemoth. But GE is savvy enough to know that there are human beings buying their products and solutions and they need to appeal to their psychographic needs first.

Build a strong brand story and share it with the world

How do you corral your brand story “why” into relevant assets that engage and persuade? Start by incorporating it into everything you do. Make it the overarching theme in your marketing campaigns. Weave it through your website. Drive it home on social media. You get the point. Whether you dedicate entire campaigns to it or simply tell abbreviated versions of it via your tactics, it should always be a part of what you do. Prospects and customers will expect consistency from you and you don’t want to miss the chance to drive home this important aspect of your business.

You can watch and learn from some of the world’s great brands, learning as you go and focusing on the following:

  • Become a technical and authoritative master of your subject
  • Make your content appealing to your audience
  • Share it like crazy on social media
  • Tell a story and be human
  • Focus on a single powerful theme
  • Produce content in sufficient quantity
  • Augment your content with amazing visuals

If you’re feeling stuck or having a hard time finding the passion in your industrial business, we can help with brand discovery and messaging to help bring your brand story to life.

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