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Inbound Marketing - The New Mantra to Growthe for Industrial Companies

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Apr 24, 2016, 10:16:51 AM

Inbound marketing, inbound marketing, inbound marketing—if you pay attention to what’s hot in the marketing world, there’s no way you haven’t heard this mantra resounding across the leading marketing thought leaders. The concept doesn’t at first glance seem like a particularly new idea, despite the new terminology—'create relevent content, attract visitors, convert visitors to leads, convert leads into customers’ is a fairly well-tested business model. But proper inbound marketing goes a step further, a step deeper, and has far more to offer your sales than you might discern at first glance. Consider these benefits of modern inbound marketing and what leveraging them could offer your business:


Simplifies Marketing and Sales.

Inbound marketing principles unite the efforts of your marketing and sales teams as few other approaches can. You’ll develop superior insight into your prospects across each stage of the buying process, insights which will assist every other stage of the process, from the original draw-in to the post-sale follow up. Your goal becomes ‘create premium value for our visitors’, a relatively straight-forward and simple task to approach.

Helps with Understanding Buyers as People.

Understanding who your buyers are comes naturally to a business engaging in inbound marketing, as the development of content both nurtures a particular type of buyer and depends upon careful research and observation to be maximally effective. As you watch how different buyers move across your site and content, you’ll gain insight which will be truly invaluable to your marketing and sales efforts.

Educate Buyers and Help Solve Problems.

When you’re the one teaching buyers what they need to know through your content, you shape their understanding of the industry, the products, the services, everything. Used responsibly, you can create a higher quality of customer, who is more willing to engage more complicated subjects and subtler or more advanced products. You can essentially create prospects from the raw clay of the uninformed, utilizing a thorough inbound strategy. This is one of the greatest advantages of inbound over outbound marketing, as you receive traffic rich with the ‘ready-to-learn’ type—you simply need to serve quality content that helps them solve their most pressing problems.

Superior Branding.

Building a brand with a site packed full of unique content is much easier than trying to establish your brand with tweets, PPC and an anemic website. You can consider the natural development and spread of a unique brand an inherent aspect of inbound marketing, as the research and content development associated with the approach requires that development and spread.

Builds Authority.

When you create a site worth visiting, you establish your company as a voice worth listening to within your market and industry. That’s a potent tool for any business, and not something easily replicated with even the most potent outbound campaign. When people respect and enjoy listening to what your business has to say, and trusting its opinion on industry matters, you’ll gain new visitors, generate more leads, and close more customers.

Generates Superior Leads.

The lead quality of a properly developed inbound campaign far surpasses the quality of leads generated by other marketing approaches. You take already curious prospects, then nurture them stage by stage until they're ready to buy your product or service. Your solution becomes just another piece of high-value content offered at a premium price, in the context of an inbound campaign.

There’s a reason every marketer worth his or her salt has started utilizing the the principles of inbound marketing. Leveraged properly, inbound marketing generates the sort of relationships every marketer should crave--the sort of leads which win over sales teams, astound CEOs and strengthen the company at every level. You won’t see that from costly outbound approaches like PPC, direct mail or traditional print advertising.

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