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Lead Nurturing Methods to Increase Sales and Drive Growth

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Aug 11, 2015 6:44:01 PM

Lead nurturing is much different in today’s world of social media, online shopping, and blogging than it was even five years ago. The modern marketer needs to be savvy, not salesy. Nurturing leads is no longer about bombarding potential customers with product or brand-related information; it’s about providing your audience with engaging content that makes them want to learn more about you.

For a lead nurturing strategy that drives sales and growth, all of your lead nurturing communications should be comprised of four specific elements: trust, relevance, multi-channel communication, and impactful strategy. Keep reading to learn how to effectively turn leads into paying customers and promoters of your brand. Note: our methods to increase sales do not include resorting to pushy sales tactics! 

Gaining Trust

Where prospective buyers once jumped at the chance to subscribe to a newsletter, they now grumble at seeing yet another “spam” message pop up in their inboxes. HubSpot reports that 79 percent of marketers only see an email open rate of 20 percent or less. How will you ever create a successful lead nurturing campaign with numbers like those?

The problem is a lack of trust. What's the best way to gain the trust of potential customers? Set expectations through your opt-in process by promising your leads something of value, then make sure you follow through on that promise. As a result, with this method to increase sales, you'll see a lower bounce rate and more engaged leads.

Staying Relevant

Being relevant with your lead nurturing campaign means knowing who your audience is, and what they need from you. What are their wants, goals, and challenges? Address these issues with your messages.

To be seen as relevant in the eyes of prospective customers, timing and content are key. You must send the right content to the right person at the right time. Otherwise, your audience will take on the belief that you don't truly care about their needs, that you're just trying to make your next sale. Today's buyers want to be engaged and listened to, not sold. In order to do this effectively, you need to segment and target your audience, which can easily be done with marketing automation software.     

Being Multi-Channel

While implementing a targeted email campaign is an efficient way to stay in touch with leads, it becomes even more effective when paired with other channels, such as social media and your website. Many buyers turn to social media and company websites when looking for product recommendations or advice. Being present on these sites, and interacting with leads in a personal way, boosts your chances of staying top-of-mind and converting potential customers later.

The key to multi-channel success is to make your content readable, personalized, and relevant across all channels and devices. This means giving buyers an integrated experience through each avenue.

Measuring Strategy and Impact

To make sure your lead nurturing efforts are both strategic and impactful, you need to measure results. This allows you to understand the value of your methods on your company's marketing ROI. Determine and define the metrics you'll use, and how you can effectively nurture leads and track results.

Lead nurturing can become overwhelming without an effective, up-to-date strategy. With our methods to increase sales, take your lead nurturing campaign to the next level with these four elements to create a strategy that will capture and engage your audience. You’ll be glad you did.

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