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A Quick Look at Video Marketing for 2018

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Jan 26, 2018 7:19:00 AM

According to sales and marketing platform, Hubspot, in 2017, manufacturing and high tech industries published the most new videos [video stats] in support of their marketing initiatives, with most companies producing 18 videos each month. Video is a great fit for these industries where product demos, testimonials, explainers and how-to content are natural extensions of the marketing and sales process.

So, what is the outlook for video marketing in 2018? We have a few thoughts and share them here.


Explainer videos will grow in popularity. Explainer videos are just what they sound like. They visually and quickly tell a story for a brand such as how a product works, how a process works, a new direction in corporate strategy, influencers for the brand, etc. Sometimes an explainer video is just what’s needed to drive home a point or create interest to stimulate more engagement. Explainer videos are great tactics to use with social media marketing because they are short and people are more inclined to share them as opposed to longer length pieces. Some of the biggest companies in many industries take advantage of explainers and there’s no indication that that will be slowing down.

Live streaming increase engagement opportunities. Live videos will gain more traction because they present greater opportunities for interaction with prospects and customers. Live videos are easier on marketing budgets because there are no big productions to mount or talent to employ. Usually they consist of subject matter experts speaking with an audience and taking the time to engage with questions and answers. This personalized strategy can boost brand confidence when viewers can see real people who work at the company and create a real human connection. Viewers also tend to spend more time with live streams as opposed to produced videos, too, so brands have more time with current and potential customers.

Square is the shape of things to come. Some brands have already jumped on the square video bandwagon and are seeing great results. The vertical screens of tablets and phones have changed the way that content is created and displayed and that now translates to video too. The compromise between the vertical and typical landscape screens is the square and its taking up real estate on popular sites—78% in the Google News section—and receives a higher percentage of engagement than other videos.

Production costs are decreasing. It used to be that creating a company video was a huge undertaking with big production schedules and budgets to match. No more. As long as you have just a decent smartphone, you can create a video. Obviously, there are other camera options as well as editing apps that would elevate the quality, but the prevalence of these options becoming more mainstream will drive down their costs. A good rule of thumb is to invest in the electronics that you’ll need to portray your brand professionally, but don’t think that has to be a huge line item on your marketing budget. [Tips for business videos]

2018 is just getting started but we’re excited to see where content marketing will take us this year—especially video—and we’ll stay in touch to keep you updated on more important trends.

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