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Strategy Before Tactics for Industrial B2B Marketing

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Nov 30, 2014 5:30:00 PM

"Even a blind hog will find an occasional acorn." Have you ever heard that saying? It can apply to many situations. It can easily apply to an online industrial business-to-business (B2B) marketing plan. What you may have in your own company can provide a channel for clients to find and connect with you in one area, yet you're missing dozens or hundreds in other areas.



Moving past the "blind hog syndrome" is essential if you want to move forward with a industrial B2B marketing strategy that works equally well on all levels. Your customers, in many ways, share in qualities and differ in many other ways. A clear definition of your target market or "buyer persona" is a major factor in developing the best marketing strategy for your company. Having a cohesive and effective message along all the various strata is a must, whether it be:

  • Business Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Response Web Design
  • Newsletters

Which combination of these tactics works best for your particular product or service? Identifying your buyer personas is the key element for determining if you attract better leads from blogging, email marketing or through social media. By ranking and incorporating them properly, your leads increase and you'll get a better ROI.

Marketing with Strategic Content

Once you've identified the buyer persona and formulated the best tactics, explore what buyers want from you. Content is a two-way street. The conversation becomes about how you can help, not just about your product or company. Use content to help educate your prospects, solve their problems, and alleviate pain points by positioning your product, service and company as the credible answer to their challenges.

Use your industrial B2B marketing strategy to accentuate the best you offer and work on improvements that further enhance the buyer experience. Speak to these pains and solutions as you create everything from blog topics and social media posts to ebooks and web pages, and you’ll start to see results almost immediately.

Tactics are an integral part of any marketing effort. But, in order to avoid the "blind hog syndrome" for both you and your buying audience, lay out a logical marketing strategy first, then fill in the blanks with tactics and remarkable content. A quick, 30-minute consultation with our company can help you get on the proper path to developing that marketing plan which best suits your particular audience and circumstances.

Every situation is unique. A well-defined marketing plan is the first step in determining how to best use unique situations to your company's advantage. Your industrial B2B marketing efforts will bear greater results when your customer's see value and benefit from the informative content that you provide. Your two-way digital highway can become one of the best assets for broadening your message and growing your business.

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