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Posted by Brian Shanahan on Apr 10, 2017 9:21:22 AM

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed how the research and decision making process of a B2B buyer has changed significantly. Today, they take their own initiative, and turn to online resources and social media to find their solutions. Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C., is one such resource. They assign ratings to and write reviews for companies in the marketing, development, and software space. They also publish regular reports, highlighting firms that have excelled in their respective segments on the site. In a recent report on the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in San Francisco, Shanahan Strategy is honored to be listed in this category among many distinguished firms!


This recognition allows us to reiterate some of the aspects that we believe make our agency unique. Shanahan Strategy has been helping small-to-medium sized industrial and manufacturing companies navigate the new digital landscape since its founding in 2005. Traditional marketing does not produce the results it once did, and today’s buyers require an agency with expertise across multiple platforms and a business first approach. Our experience is broad and diverse, with services ranging from web design, social media, and SEO, to contenting marketing and lead conversion. So, whether you’re seeking to enhance the look and feel of a website, or improve revenue growth, Shanahan Strategy has a skilled team to achieve those objectives, and a small enough one to provide the attention your business deserves.

Our profile on Clutch summarizes all these aspects of our business, including the services we offer, the industries we work within, and our various technologies. However, one of the most valuable aspects of our presence on the site are the client reviews. Analysts at Clutch interview a company’s clients, directly posing questions that delve into all relevant aspects of a business relationship, such as the ability to meet deadlines, cost, and capabilities.  

This is also an opportune moment to thank our clients who have taken the time discuss their experiences with Clutch. The insights provided by the reviews not only provide an extra source of credibility for our agency and the B2B buyer, but keep us accountable and help us to identify areas where we have excelled and could still improve. Of the six reviews accompanying our profile on Clutch, here are just some of comments that speak positively to our business acumen and ability to deliver successful results:  

“Shanahan Strategy brought a fresh way of looking at things. They were experts at understanding our business and the results we were trying to achieve.” – Marketing Manager, Large Equipment Distributor

“We were always proud to release the marketing material we created with Shanahan Strategy, as each piece elevated the level of professionalism for our company.” Former Director of Marketing, Industrial Manufacturing Firm

Whether offering a unique perspective or producing work that inspires pride in our client, Shanahan Strategy is excited to have validation that our efforts are truly making an impact. If you’re a business that needs help navigating the ever-changing marketing industry, this recognition by Clutch further proves that we are capable of successfully delivering seamless and meaningful strategies!

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