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SEO Ranking Tips: 9 Ways to Improve Your Ranking With Google

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Mar 8, 2018 6:42:50 PM

We've covered SEO ranking tips in this blog before (here and here). Search engine optimization is a critical topic for any business, and a challenging one. It’s also complex, as it touches on social media, content marketing, and website usability. So it’s certainly enough fodder for another post – especially for those of you who want to know how you can most efficiently increase your page ranking with Google.

Y’all probably know these SEO statistics already, but they’re noteworthy enough to bear repeating: 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and Google owns over 70% of the search engine market share. (source)

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A Guide to Link Building for Industrial Companies

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Jun 21, 2017 2:41:34 PM

Link building for industrial companies is one of the most important parts of SEO, but it’s also one of the elements that changes frequently. Today, having a few high-quality links is much more important than having a large number of links coming from to low-quality sites. Understanding how to create these good links, though, isn’t always easy. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about link building so you can quickly begin implementing this important SEO element.

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Improving Your Business’s Local Ranking on Google

Posted by Brian Shanahan on May 1, 2017 10:22:42 AM

When a potential customer searches for a business or other location near them, Google shows them what it classifies as local results. These search results are displayed both as links and on Google Maps, showing the individual their location and where these businesses are in relation to them. Google understands when you’re searching for a nearby location and when you’re not. If you search for a hardware store, for example, you’ll see a number of local results. If you search for something like "best hammer drills," you likely won’t.

As a business owner local ranking on Google can be crucial to your growth. You need to be taking advantage of local rankings, especially if you own a retail locations serving a given geographic area. You want to bring in new customers who may be in the area but don’t know about our business. By appearing in a local search, these individuals will become aware of your business’s existence and be able to quickly call or visit your location.

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Why Mobile-Friendly and Speed Matters to Google?

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Mar 22, 2017 4:49:00 PM

First Impressions Matter, Here's Why You Should Care...

As our mothers always said, “first impressions matter!” Whether applying for a job or meeting a client for the first time, we all know the importance of appearing at our best. Most industrial equipment dealerships and manufacturers go to great lengths to attract and engage customers as they walk through the door. The same concept holds true for your website. Mobile-friendliness and site speed (page load time) as two crucial factors in making a great first impression online.

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Top Tips for Better On-Page SEO in 2016

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Aug 1, 2016 8:39:33 PM

Given the numerous changes and updates Google has made to their search engine algorithms over the past few years, many marketers aren't 100% sure how they should address on-page SEO and optimization. (In fact, some marketers are still trying to keyword stuff their way to the top of the search engine results pages!) That being said, the on-page SEO for B2B companies is much different today than the tactics of five years ago, with today's best practices focusing more on optimizing your pages for the user—not just the search engine crawlers.

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