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What's More Effective for Sales Growth, Outbound or Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Brian Shanahan on Oct 21, 2014, 9:30:00 PM

The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is like being Annie Oakley and choosing whether to use a shotgun or a rifle. Annie, it seems, favored the rifle — for a number of reasons. Were she alive today, the choice between inbound (a rifle) and outbound (the shotgun ) marketing would, to her, be obvious.


Outbound marketing is like hunting with a shotgun. Precision has a lower relevance, just point the gun and pull the trigger — you'll hit something, but what? Although she was as comfortable with one as the other, had Miss Oakley used a shotgun exclusively, she would have remained just an obscure Ohio girl. No one goes into business with the goal of obscurity or mediocrity. They want to create a remarkable business with increasing sales and value! 

You're seeking a specific, identifiable, target audience in attracting buyers to your business. Outbound marketing, billboards, television, radio, magazines and direct mail hit a wide target. Unfortunately, you hit only a small percentage of your ideal market and it's hardly measureable. Although your traditional, outbound marketing effort was costly and inefficient, it brought in some customers. Had it been a precise, inbound marketing effort, what would have been the effect?

Annie brought in so much game, she provided a local grocery store with their meats. She honed her skills and precision so well, by age fifteen, she had been increasing sales so much that she made enough money to pay off her mother's farm — with a rifle. Had Annie used only a shotgun, she would have scared off the game with her loud gun — much like we tune out television, radio and direct mail advertising — and the targets would have disappeared. 

The rifle in Annie's hand made all the difference. Inbound marketing is quieter, and designed to appeal to your specific target audience. Through relevant content in the form of blog articles, ebooks, case studies, social media, lead nurturing emails and more, you attract the attention of interested buyers, build a following. By tracking visits, conversions, leads, links, downloads, page views and more, you're able to constantly evaluate what's working and what's not, so adjustments can be made realtime to improve effectiveness. With Inbound marketing, your aim improves and your reach grows leading to more conversions, leads and increasing sales.

Inbound marketing spreads your brand to an ideal audience, tells you where your marketing budget is working and where to take action. Be Annie, improve your aim, improve your efficiency, make your marketing efforts more measureable and relevant.

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